Sunday, December 12, 2010

Welcome to my new Craft Blog-Who I am

Welcome to my Craft Blog. I enjoy making Cards and Crafts of all kinds. Just depends what mood I'm in that day or month :)

Here I am in Craft Central.  Yes, my room is organized but right now got lots of projects going at the same time :) I converted my daughter's Bedroom into an Office/ Plant room/Den/ Giant Dog bed/Craftroom/relaxing area just for me. I'm getting ready to add a little table so when my friend s come over we can stamp in here together.

 I'm working on Card Projects for the holidays now. Come spring I'll be outside in my Gardens.I also have a gardening Blog  But when the Gardens go to Sleep I'm inside creating Pretty Cards and Crafts of all kinds.

I also paint on  Rocks , Birdhouses/Gourds and whatever else I come up with.  I'm working on some "Seaglass" wind chimes for gifts and for my garden. I also press flowers from my gardens and make bookmarks and small pictures. I have so many things I love to do. Sometimes I put too much on my plate.
BUT I really enjoy making things and giving things as gifts. I love to watch the expression on people faces when they say "Did you make that". What a nice feeling on the inside.

So thanks for staying this long and reading all about me. I will post some photos of my work with details.
So come back often  and I will show you my work. Comments are always welcome because you give me ideas.

Signing Off for now...Joyce

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  1. Hi Joyce: now I know you are nuts. How do you keep up with two blogs? Next you will have a third, then what. Ok enough of that good luck with your new blog.

    Have a wonderful day,