Monday, December 20, 2010

Making Punched Birds and Keeping Scrissors Clean!!!

Yesterday I got a little bored and starting playing around with my "Bird Punch" from Stampin' UP. I miss seeing the spring and summer birds so I pulled out some paper and starting punching. Came up with a few of my favorites. I hope you can tell what they are.

I don't have a card set-up for these yet. I'm thinking of maybe using these on some Christmas Tags... Just wanted to show how versatile this punch is. If you remember I did a "Pointsetta" card with this punch that was just awesome. And I used the 5point flower punch also from SU to make my little pointsetta there.

Yesterday -I also cleaned all my craft scrissors!!! Have to cut with clean scrissors. So I just use odorless Mineral Spirits and cotton ball and then wipe off the sticky stuff and dry with wet paper towel. Hope you keep your scissors clean also. Helps give clean cuts.....Geez, can you tell I'm a little bored and brain-locked.
I'm sitting here today making a few more exploding photo boxes for gifts and trying to figure out a card I'm working on. I should be cleaning my office, getting it ready for a new little table to stamp on and craft and paint on. But no, I'm playing.
So thanks for stopping by and I hope you make some birds also. And when you do upload them and let me see which ones are your favorite. Have a marvelous day-Joyce


  1. Hi Joyce,

    I love what you have done with this bird punch! Wonderful and very creative. Thanks for stopping by to visit me.

  2. Joyce-

    I love the birds you made! They're gorgeous! I'm so glad that you posted about the Mineral Spirits. Where do you get it? I use Goo gone, but don't care for the citris smell. I hope all is well and I hope to see you again soon!